Family at Outdoor Event

More than 'just a bar' for your next event

From experience, we know that managing charity and community events can be tricky especially with a limited budget. 


The Lilly Mills Drinkery ('Lilly') is a mobile bar with personality, she's a crowd pleaser, styled and looking fabulous, she turns heads wherever she goes, giving festivals, fetes and charity events a focal point and offering a relaxed friendly atmosphere for your guests and visitors to enjoy.  

Serving draught beers and ciders, gin, prosecco and everything in between - even a selection of Lo/No alternatives, and hot beverages, there's something for everyone!

  • No deposit required

  • We'll negotiate a donation to your cause / pay a pitch fee /negotiate a %

  • Arrange for a Temporary Events Notice (if required)

  • Provide 2 members of staff

  • Styled/decorated to complement your event theme/purpose

  • We can offer a full bar service, non-alcoholic drinks and hot beverages



Community & Charity