Frequently Asked Questions


If hiring Lilly, our vintage horsebox bar sounds like the perfect match for your event, and you need more information, drop us an email

Tell me more about deposits & minimum spend

Depending on the size of your party and the package you choose, there may be a minimum spend and the booking deposit will vary.  (e.g. a party with a smaller guest list and a cash bar service vs a party with a 'Beer & Bubbles" package which will be paid for ahead of the event) - get in touch for a chat if you need to know more.

Do I have to pay for my guests drinks?

If you're feeling generous, then yes!  We do have other options though:

  • Hosted bar - as the host, you pay for the drinks for the entire event

  • Part hostedyou pay for drinks for part of the event (e.g. a welcome drink, a pre-designated amount given to the bar, we can also create "drink tokens" which would equate to one drink of choice for example)

  • General bar - like any other bar, your guests would pay for their own drinks

My venue doesn't have access to power

No problem, we can arrange use of a petrol generator (An additional charge of £30 applies)

What glassware is provided

We include eco-friendly,glassware for all our events (this is also the  recommendation for current safety of our guests - Covid-19)

If you prefer, you could arrange a glass hire service, this would be at your own cost and responsibility

Is Lilly for outdoor events only?

Definitely not!

If your venue permits usage of our bar and has adequate space and a suitable entrance point, the bar works just as good indoors as out - let your imagination flow!

Lilly Dimensions: W:2.18m - H:2.72m - L::4.45m